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Apr 27, 2014 11:00pm PDT
malaiysia today, says russia hasn't lifted a finger to prevent the war. >> in fact, there's strong evidence that they're encouraging the activity that's taking place. >> standoff that's paralyzed the region and has the world on edge. >> we are waiting to hear if college football players will make history. the resultings of the northwestern vote will be sealed. the national labor relations board hears the university's appeal of that decision, they granted athletes employee status. rocked college sports with billion dollar tv deals and packed stadiums leading many to ask do young athletes deserve a bigger share? >> we don't think that they're employees. these are things that northwestern university already does. >> the remarkable piece researchers have unearthed in san francisco bay. ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! >>> what's in our bay? this is sonar video. these pictures helped solve a 125-year-old mystery. the location of a sunken steam ship. no
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1